How to choose a good color scheme for your website

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Its important to choose a good color scheme for your website, whether you are a skilled designer or just starting out building your own website. Colors evoke emotions, and evoking the right emotion in your design can mean the difference between a sale, a sign up, repeat visits or losing out completely.

There are lots of colors palettes available freely to help you choose a color palette for your website or graphic design. Its necessary to choose colours that match your overall brand ‘feel’, style and try to fit it in with your brand’s vision – its possible!

For example, blue evokes a welcoming emotion, associated with stability and calming faith. Facebook use blue as a color scheme, which is inseparable from their brand image. Notice how Skype, Twitter, Facebook all use shades of blue as their house style. When you use Facebook, you feel welcome and natural using it – is this down to the color scheme? I think so.

In contrast, the color red is associated with war, danger, passion and love. It wouldnt be appropriate to use red on a site like Facebook or Twitter, as it can also cause eye strain on a bright screen. However, a shade of red or orange is suitable for an app like Tinder, where the love, passion, erotic emotion is conjured by their orange/red flame.

So, as color is so important to giving emotion to design, lets look at a few services that offer color swatches and palettes.

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