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Cold calling is hard. The first time I applied for a sales job, my future boss asked me to perform a cold call with him acting as the prospect. It wasn’t even an actual call but it felt like each nerve I had in my body was shaking. Imagine how it felt like when I eventually had to do it with real prospects after I got hired! For me, every cold call became a constant source of anxiety. Then, I got better at it.

Cold calling is probably the most dreaded tasks of every salesperson out there with follow-up calls coming in second. The primary culprit behind this is the fear of rejection. Making unsolicited phone calls to potential clients can definitely be daunting since most people based generally hate being sold to. Being prepared and equipped with the right information are keys to overcoming cold call jitters and peak your prospects’ interest in your offerings. Here are four tips that you can do to execute successful cold calls.

Gear up through research.

Before you even think of punching your potential client’s number on the phone, ask yourself, “how much do I know about them and what is the purpose of my call?” There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than calling someone and forgetting your reason for doing so or not having a basic knowledge of who they are. Researching the market and your prospects helps you to not only reach the right audience but also become confident in talking about their business and their needs.

Create an outline for your pitch.

The common misconception in making cold calls is that you have to read a sales script so you will not forget anything you plan to say to the prospect. What this leads to is a monotonous, ineffective attempt to peak your potential client’s interest.  Organize your thoughts instead on how you want the conversation to go and what you plan to ask and say in a simple outline. This way, you can deliver your pitch in a well-structured manner while incorporating personal touches.

Practice, practice, practice!

Practice until you find yourself doing your pitch with conviction even in your sleep. A great way to do this is delivering your message in front of the mirror. With this, you can see how you look like while talking to your prospects over the phone. Remember to practice facial expressions and posture while speaking. Your prospects may not see these, but they can certainly hear how you look like on the other end of the line.

Avoid sounding too “salesy” and keep calls short.

People don’t particularly like telemarketers because they don’t like the idea of someone wanting to take their money for something they might not need. When cold calling potential clients, make the conversation personal and brief by presenting yourself as someone who wants to bring value to them and understand their needs. This enables prospects to warm up and break their walls, eventually allowing you to set an appointment with them.

Cold calling potential clients doesn’t have to be scary. All it takes is enough preparation, practice, and confidence to get through every call successfully. Most importantly, patience is key. When you take time to familiarize yourself with a potential client’s business and their needs, you will find yourself landing meetings and deals in no time!

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