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Scheduling your posts is a life-saver!

Social media has become a vital tool for businesses. Through social media, brands are able to make their voices heard, gain a significant following, and, of course, improve sales significantly. It allows brands to interact with their audience and loop them into whatever is happening with the brand.

As social media takes up a bigger role in businesses’ digital marketing strategy, many are finding it difficult to keep up. In fact, many are struggling to find time for their social media marketing strategy. The result becomes an incoherent mess where social media posts are inconsistent and irrelevant.

Why Scheduling is Important

The key to any social media marketing strategy is that it requires regular updates. As a social media manager, you will need to post content on a regular basis – the keyword here being regular.

And it’s not just content that’s the problem. There are a lot of things that go on each social media post. You have to figure out which blog post to share, write a caption, create a hashtag to increase visibility, and find the right image.

It’s just too time-consuming. In fact, you begin to feel that churning out regular posts can feel too much like a chore.

But there’s an easier way to do this – scheduling posts. Here are five reasons why it’s better.

Easily Find Content to Share

Churning out content on a consistent basis can be quite difficult. What makes it difficult is having to find what to share each time, especially if you’re out of time. Think about it: if your strategy requires you to publish posts at 3 PM each day, you’ll be spending a majority of your day thinking about what to post.

Every day, it’s the same struggle.

To avoid all the headache, all you need to do is schedule each post well in advance. Spend just a few hours in a single session to find content that you want to share each day and schedule them for publishing on separate dates.

Not only can you avoid having to scramble each day for a single post, but it also allows you to align each post with your brand’s social strategy.

Managing Multiple Accounts Becomes Easier

Social media has become such an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy that most businesses now run multiple accounts across various platforms to extend their reach.

The reason why managing multiple accounts is a bad idea is that it consumes too much time. Different platforms have different nuances. They have different niches, which require different content and published with a different tone.

For small businesses, time isn’t something you can afford to waste.

Being able to schedule posts across different platforms makes it easier to manage multiple accounts. You gain more flexibility and more control over the posts you make even on separate channels.

More Time to Engage with Your Audience

In 2018, Facebook made an important announcement about its algorithm and the News Feed. They are now prioritizing personal posts over brand page posts, which spell bad news for brands that seek to expand their reach.

So how does scheduling posts help with this? Simple. You gain more time to interact with your audience.

Facebook is now prioritizing meaningful social interactions over relevant content, which means you should too. By scheduling well in advance, you not only make sure that your posts are published at specific times within the day, but it also frees up your time to engage with your audience.

Merely posting won’t get you more engagements. But engaging your audience ensures you can gain more. Remember that people love to interact with their favorite brands. In fact, Jay Baer found that merely answering a complaint on social media increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%.

You Become More Consistent

I cannot stress this enough: you don’t achieve success in social media overnight. In order for your customers to subscribe and make a purchase, you will need to post updates regularly and show up on your potential followers’ feeds every so often so you remain visible.

But that doesn’t you should post and share content as much as you can. The frequency of posts is not the answer – consistency is. The key to a successful social media marketing strategy is consistency.

When you schedule posts, you essentially make sure that you become more consistent. Thanks to your schedule, you know that you won’t be missing a day because you prepared for it well in advance.

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You Gain More Time to Refine Your Strategy

Maybe I understated the amount of time you can save. Scheduling posts save you a TON of time. Not having to manually post updates each day allows you to spend your time doing more meaningful tasks, such as refining your strategy.

The more content you share on social media, the more insight you gain into your strategy. Are my current efforts working? Which areas need improvement? Is this the direction I envisioned it to go? With loads of extra time you now have, you are now able to answer those questions, and do more.

Organize your content, do some research, and look into how your competitors are doing to gain more ideas. With all the time you now have, you can study your game plan and make various tweaks to improve it.

How Far Ahead Should I Schedule Content?

By now, you should already know how beneficial scheduling posts can be. So the question now is: how far ahead should content be scheduled? It depends on the type of content you’re sharing.

When the content you’re sharing is evergreen and isn’t dependent on time, then posts can be scheduled a few months in advance. But for those that are relevant only for a span of time, then it should be scheduled for days that they remain relevant.

As a precaution, it is best to schedule posts within a monthly timeframe. It gives you ample time to plan for your next round of content while still remaining relevant. Additionally, leave space for spontaneous posts so you don’t seem robotic.

Final Thoughts

Scheduling your social media posts is a total life-saver as it saves you plenty of time to refine your own strategy as well as accomplish other more meaningful tasks. Furthermore, it helps ease the burden of having to churn out content for different platforms.

What are your thoughts on scheduling posts? How far ahead do you think should we schedule social media posts?

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