22 Amazing (Free) Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers


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Stock photos or imagery are absolutely essential for every blog to catch readers’ attention and drive engagement for each post. And in the age of diminishing attention spans, they are more important than ever.

However, finding the right stock image can be quite difficult – much less expensive! Luckily, there are a plethora of sites dedicated to providing quality images to bloggers and web owners for use in their articles, blog posts, and social media accounts.

Quick Refresher on CC0 Licenses

The Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license is one of seven public copyright licenses provided by CC, which enables authors to publish their work for free use. CC0 allows authors to publish their work completely under the public domain, which also enables users to freely share, use, or build upon, enhance, and reuse their works for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Among all CC licenses available, CC0 offers the most freedom for users as authors now have a completely different choice altogether – the choice to opt out of copyright protection altogether. Under CC, authors relinquish their exclusive rights to their work and publish them as “no rights reserved.”

Sites with CC0-Licensed Images

There are plenty of galleries on the internet with a smorgasbord of images. However, either most of their images have limited access or they only provide full access with premium subscriptions. Other sites will also provide access to free pictures, but are under various licenses that have different stipulations for legal use.

With the following list of sites, you will not have to worry about licenses and stipulations as all their images have been released in the public domain. All of the images in these sites have CC0 licenses and are free to use however way you wish.

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The community at Pexels offer a good mix of professional and amateur photos and offer a good selection of high-quality images. They have a wide selection of royalty-free images under various categories and have been well-tagged for easy discovery.

Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures provide users with access to thousands of images in various forms such as professionally-captured photos, clipart, as well as vector images that have all been published with no rights reserved.


Pixabay offers one of the best selections of stunning photos and well-created vector imagery. Their photos are consistently stunning and visually-stimulating and have been shared by Pixabay’s talented and generous community of photographers.


Daniel Nanescu’s brainchild, SplitShire, has seen over 80,000 downloads since its inception. It is home to thousands of Daniel’s own high-quality shots that all have CC0 licenses.

1 Million Free Pictures

As the name indicates, 1 Million Free Pictures is home to, well, a million free pictures. The site is dedicated to sharing high-quality images that have all been sorted under different categories based on the subject, use, as well as photography style.


StockSnap.io has a large gallery of beautiful, high-resolution images that are completely free. Hundreds of images are also added to their already vast collection of images and have all been released under CC0.


Gratisography contains awesome pictures captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design that he releases for public consumption. The site offers high-resolution pictures that you can use personally and commercially.

Scatter Jar

For bloggers looking to add a little sweetness – and a touch of spice – to their blogs, then Scatter Jar is for you. Scatter Jar is home to some of the most beautiful photographs on food and drinks on the internet – and they’re absolutely free!


PDpics contains a wonderful selection of high quality images personally captured by their in-house photographers. All pictures uploaded in the site have been published in the public domain.

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What began as a way to simply provide artists with access to all types of reference material has now turned to one of the largest repository of high-resolution images. The site is named after a place in newspaper offices where old cuttings, photographs, and information are stored.


Reshot is a massive library of free photos you won’t find anywhere else. It was built for startups, freelancers, and creatives who find stock photos tawdry and uninspired.

New Old Stock

Old stock photos are quite difficult to find – but not for New Old Stock. If you find yourself needing vintage photos, they have a large collection of photos just waiting to be discovered.

Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive is a massive online library of images released under the public domain. The site is home to numerous images that have CC0 licenses.


RawPixel provides a large selection of high-resolution images, PSD mockups, and vectors that are free for personal and commercial use.


SkitterPhoto offers a large selection of free stock photos provided by its community of amateur and professional photographers. All images have been released under CC0.


At PicJumbo, you can find a wide selection of high quality photos that can be used for commercial and personal projects. Hundreds of photos are submitted to the site daily under various categories such as fashion, nature, abstract, technology, and many others.


StyledStock specializes in stock photography with a more feminine approach and are perfect for the woman entrepreneur. The entire collection is free for personal and commercial use.


https://isorepublic.com/IsoRepublic provides thousands of free, high-resolution images and videos that are easy to find. They just had a recent upgrade with the addition of numerous images, videos, and an improved search functionality, making it easier to look for high-quality CC0 content.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a resource created by the LEEROY Creative Agency in Montreal and its network of photographers. It provides a wide collection of high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions and is open for personal and commercial use.


FreeStock provides a wide selection of high quality stock photos that have all been released under the public domain.


David Meier and various other photographers shares numerous beautiful stock photos at Picography. All the photos they share are published under CC0.

MMT Stock

https://mmtstock.com/MMT Stock provides a gallery containing numerous high resolution photos provided by Jeffery Betts published in various categories and are released under CC0 license.

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