7 Common Pitfalls of the Newbie Social Marketer


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Never venture into social media marketing without a strategy – avoid the common pitfalls.

Due to the prevalence and ubiquity of social media, newbie social marketers often treat social media marketing as something that is so simple. They approach it with several preconceived notions but ultimately fall into common pitfalls – and they have no idea why.

The use of social media for business is actually quite different from personal use. There are many things that need to be accounted and planned for as well as executed differently, making it difficult to comprehend in the beginning.

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Due to its complexity, navigating the world of social media marketing as a newbie can be quite difficult, especially when you have no idea where to begin and what to do. Here, we will not talk about what to do as a newbie social media marketer. Rather, we will talk about what not to do so you understand how to get results in social media.

1.          Having too many social accounts.

Generally speaking, you should never attempt to diversify into other social media channels too early.

Engaging in too many networks at once can make success more difficult to attain in each of those platforms. Ultimately, this will feel too much of a burden while gaining virtually nothing in return, which becomes the reason why they quit social media marketing.

As a newbie social media marketer, avoid this common pitfall and just focus on a single social media platform. Further down the line, you can venture into other platforms to improve your reach.

2.          Only sharing your own content.

On the one hand, promoting your own website to gain more traffic is kind of one of the main goals of social media marketing – but it’s not really the whole point.

Your purpose on social media is to share relevant, educational, and interesting content to your audience to spark engagement. You can achieve that through content curation – sharing valuable content from other people that may seem relevant to your audience. It’s actually a great way to leverage other people’s content and gain valuable engagement for your channel through them.

Share content from leaders, mention them in your posts, and interact with them. The returns for you and your channel will be immense.

3.          Trying too hard to get noticed.

The thing about social media is that just about everyone on the planet is on it. At some point, you might feel that your content isn’t getting the attention it needs, nay, deserves as it gets lost in all the noise. In effect, most newbies fall into this common pitfall and start shouting even louder to gain more attention.

Shouting in social media isn’t actually shouting, per se. In an effort to attract attention to a piece of content, newbie marketers tend to repeat the same update over a span of time. Additionally, others would post the update in all capital letters to somehow increase its size. However, that will only end up attracting negative attention.

Shouting is never the solution. Instead, focus on posting great, unique content. Over time, people will start to notice and you’ll be getting the attention you desire

4.          Not following back.

Not following back is also one of the common pitfalls for newbies in social media marketing. As they gain more attention and gain more followers, they tend to forget to follow back. Meanwhile, they ultimately lose those followers they gained.

Following back shows that you care about your audience. It lets them know that you are willing to listen to them and actually would want to know about them, as well. Otherwise, they will unfollow you. Of course, not everyone does that. But each follower should matter just as each sale is important for your business.

5.          Going completely manual or auto-pilot

Going completely manual for your social media marketing strategy eats up a lot of your time. Sure, this helps you gain complete control over what you post or share to your audience. But you also use up a lot of your time – valuable time you could have spent on other, more important things.

Social media marketing tools such as SendPilot are a great way to help you organize your marketing strategy and boost engagement. It lets you schedule your social media posts so it posts for you regularly, and helps you curate content that can be shared to your audience. All in all, it is a powerful tool that elevates your social media marketing strategy to entirely new levels of productivity.

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But on the other side of the spectrum, you should also avoid going full auto-pilot. While you’ve saved plenty of time using these tools, you also risk sounding robotic and lose out on meaningful engagements. Instead, aim for a balanced strategy – one that incorporates social media scheduling tools and the cherry on top that is the human touch.

Schedule your social media posts to save time

6.          Not listening to your followers.

The digital marketing world has transformed the way we market. No longer are audiences forced to accept what brands want them to hear as they pitch their slogans or sing their catchy jingles. Today, people actually want to interact with their audience.

The dynamics between brands and their audiences have shifted – it has now become two-way. Brands are now encouraged to listen to their followers. In fact, not partaking in social conversations is social media suicide when it comes to digital marketing.

Avoid this common pitfall and start listening to your followers. Respond to them, and improve your brand – your ROI will thank you for it.

7.          Assuming you’re always visible.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in social media is assuming you’re always visible to your entire audience. In truth, each post will only get you seen by a handful of people in your audience.

For instance, a Facebook post made by a page with 8,000 fans will only be visible to about 800 to 1000 people. This is true for all free accounts on Facebook and is one of the reasons why newbies end up feeling disappointed about their low returns. The best way to increase visibility is to use advertising and use boosted posts.

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